APD is an innovation and engineering company with more than 30 years of total experience and 100% Spanish, leader in high value added solutions and services for the IT, Security & Defense, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transport & Traffic and Industrial Automation sectors.

Founded in 1980, APD has its headquarters in Madrid, Delegations in Barcelona, Valencia and Seville and Commercial Representation Offices in countries such as Venezuela or Kenya.

In its beginnings, the company focused primarily on the design, development, and manufacture of different equipment and systems for the IT sector, area in which nowadays the Company exercises a leadership position in Spain.

Over the years, APD has adapted to the different market needs, diversifying and expanding its business activities developing cutting edge technologies in an increasingly changing and global industry. This constant adaptation has allowed it to enter into new sectors, creating new business units and strengthen its customer’s portfolio base.

Likewise, the company since its foundation clearly bet for the foreign markets, having today important references in the integration of advanced systems and complex “turnkey” projects, in countries such as Indonesia, Jordan, Mozambique, or Korea.

At the present time, APD is formed by a large technical and multidisciplinary management team with the objective of keeping the entrepreneurial independence that has always characterized it, strongly support the investment in R &D and provide to all its clients technologically advanced solutions in all the sectors in which it operates.